Launch N Slay is a high touch coaching program designed to teach women coaches, service pros & course creators, how to earn $10k-$50k per month consistently with an online course or group program.


"AAAAHHHH! Is this really happening?"

That was my reaction to my first automated online course sale.

Imagine being on the beach building sandcastles with your kid minding your business and seeing back to back notifications that you are getting payment deposits for your course!

I remember it clear as day...

The notifications just kept popping up on my phone.



After working hard for years, I was finally able to make money daily and experience success without the sacrifice. 

Sitting on the beach that day I realized that I had built an asset in my business that gave me true freedom.⁣⁣

 Courses and group programs gave me the chance to live my life without being tied to my laptop or constantly working with clients 1:1.

 Finally, I had a say in how I spent my day, how I made money.

And most importantly I created a rinse and repeat launch framework that made it simple for me to earn money in my business.

I felt like I finally leveled up as a CEO.


That summer I had a $40k Launch on autopilot🥂

And I never looked back. 

  This may not be your story but… I don’t believe in accidents. 

You are here for a reason!

You and I both know that it’s time for you to finally launch and scale your course or group program.

The truth is as much you love your business and your clients, you’re ready for a better and more sustainable business model. 


One that gives you more time, energy, and financial freedom

 Maybe Right Now You Feel...

DRAINED because your calendar is completely booked, and you have NO time for yourself, your family, your health, a hobby or your dream projects.

OVERWHELMED by the idea of creating a course or a group program let alone go through a launch. So instead you keep stalling

DISAPPOINTED because your first few attempts didn't got as planned. Either you launched to crickets or you made a few sales but it wasn’t enough to replace your 1:1 income. And... at this point, you are experiencing major drama from your last launch.

FRUSTRATED because you've lit your money on fire with Facebook + Instagram ads because you have no clue what you are doing and you're wondering why this ish doesn't work

EXHAUSTED because you have a really great program but somehow all of your attempts to build a successful “evergreen funnel” has flopped. And now you have doubts about whether or not you can truly earn a consistent income with your online program.



If any of that resonated with you...

You are in the right place. 

You’re done sacrificing your energy, time with family, and sanity to grow your business. 

You want a better way to make money in your business that gives you freedom from the grind.

Imagine what it would feel like if you…

🍾Created a scalable offer that’s in demand and helps you maximize your time

🍾Enjoyed a healthy dose of white space on the calendar while still getting paid

🍾Enjoying time at the park or summer breaks with your kids without being tied to your laptop 

🍾Feel certain about crushing those sales goals because you have a rock-solid strategy 

🍾Feel more energetic and creative because you have the time and space to rest

🍾Waking up feeling excited to help more people and earn revenue year-round. 

🍾Enjoying true freedom not just the appearance of freedom

 Take a moment to let that sink in. 

Because it’s possible for you. 



Launch N Slay is a 90-day high touch group coaching program designed to teach coaches, service providers and course creators how to earn $10k-$50k per month consistently with an online course or group program.

With Launch n Slay you get a diversified and unique approach to growing your business with an online course or program. We teach you a unique and proven method to packaging your expertise into a compelling program. We bring together both the live launching and evergreen approach to help you create a profitable sales system that gets you paid daily.

We've combined the power of a comprehensive curriculum with high touch coaching and copy consulting to help you take action, collapse your timeline and reach your goals. 



Here's How It All Breaks Down

Comprehensive 9 Part curriculum-based program. Taught Live (July 24th-August 22nd) 

Weekly High-touch coaching and personalized feedback on all of your copy & launch assets from lead magnet to paid ads. Plus be in a community with like minded entrepreneurs like you. 

CEO mindset coaching to address any blocks, doubts and fears keeping you from reaching your goals.

Essential Course Workbooks 

Plug & Play, scripts, templates, swipe files and proven process to help you get things done


🍾You’re clear and confident about your offer and how to speak about your offer in a way that makes the right people feel like… “OMG, this was made for me!"  

🍾Your pre-launch strategy is strong and ensures your audience is READY to buy your offer when the cart is open

🍾You know exactly what content to post and when.

🍾You have emails that bridge the gap and convert into cash.

🍾You’re feeling calm and focused because you are delivering an amazing launch event (webinar or challenge, etc) that doesn’t overwhelm your audience and converts into actual sales for your program.

🍾You have a clear plan of action for when the cart opens and you know how to maintain the momentum during your sales process. 

🍾Post launch, you have an easy to implement evergreen funnel to ensure you are making sales on demand with your online course or program

No doubts.

No confusion.

No spaghetti on the wall.


Just total certainty that you’re going to have a highly profitable and purposeful launch for your course or group program. 

Instead of dreading your launch. You find yourself actually looking forward to it and fully prepared.



Let me teach you the blueprint to make money on demand with your online course or group program no matter what stage you are in your business.  


 Here’s how we will take you from launch to scalable $10k-$50k months 




Simplify your business model with a compelling course or program that sells like hotcakes. I'm teaching you my simple and powerful co-creation course process that helps you design and deliver a program that makes your clients and students feel seen and delivers a transformation. No more second guessing how to package your expertise into a winning program.


Develop an aligned NO B.S. marketing strategy that will help you create demand for your program. Learn how to build your authority, and develop an organic and paid content strategy that grows your audience, gets you consistent leads and helps you hit your sales goals


Execute a launch and sales system that is reliable and creates profitability. 

Plus, Master the art of getting paid daily by learning how to effectively create content and a sales funnel that gets consistent leads, and sales so you can focus on serving your students and growing your business in the most aligned way. 

"I Enrolled 125 New Students to My Course + Made $100k in 7 weeks"

I wanted to launch my course in April, but didn’t think I had enough time for a full launch. Fabiola mapped out a launch strategy that made me feel confident in reaching my goal. She organized everything in a way that I didn’t have to second guess or double think anything. She literally provided me a winning blueprint that I just had to execute.

I was able to make over $100k (projected income) from my course, enrolling over 125 students. Working with Fabiola provided clarity on my audience’s struggle and needs. She helped me focus by implementing a topic for each week as opposed to being ‘all over the place’.

If you want to save yourself time, headaches, and avoid the guesswork, you NEED to hire Fabiola. She will help you reach your goals by mapping our a fail-proof plan for your individual business.

I would absolutely recommend Fabiola to anyone launching an online course or any program. Fabiola is fabulous at what she does.

Fabiola working with you has been an absolute pleasure. I wanted to work with you ever since I came across your business (years ago). I am so happy that I got the opportunity to work with you.

Shantell G.

Marketing Coach + Founder of BossDiva

(VIP Client)


This cohort will be 12 weeks starting July 11th. Our first 5 weeks I will be delivering the curriculum live via zoom here are modules and dates. A replay will be provided within 24 hours of the live session. 

Module One (Date July 24th): Build Your Profitable Program: I'm teaching you the step by step process to package your expertise into a compelling and transformational program that people want to buy and get results from. No more second guessing how to package your expertise into a winning program.

Module Two (Date July 27th): Nail Your Messaging: Nail down your messaging, positioning and storylines so that your audience can self-identify and raise their hands I'm going to teach you the power of story telling to call in your more ready to buy student. 

Module Three (Date August 1st): Magnetic Marketing + Prep & Prime: Design a detailed Marketing Strategy that honors your vision and your self-care. (because you deserve success without the sacrifice) We'll create a lead magnet that attracts the right people to your offer and develop a pre-Launch strategy to leverage the most valuable assets that do the heavy lifting for you and bring your qualified leads.

Module Four (Date August 3rd): Strategic Launch Planning: Create your detailed launch calendar and process so you know exactly what to focus on and when. You’ll get a personalized content calendar with content ideas for social media.


Module Five (Date August 8): Captivating Content  Learn how to create compelling content for social media, paid ads and nurture sequence that you can use with a live launch and evergreen enrollment (no more “trying to figure out” what to post or create.) I'll help you find your groove with content creation to make selling your program daily a breeze. Plus I'm going to teach you how to leverage the power of storytelling to attract and connect with your best clients and students. 

Module Six (Date August 10: Compelling Copy: Learn how to write Profit-Focused copy for your launch campaign (sales pages, emails and paid ads etc).

Module Seven (Date August 14): Develop Your profitable launch conversion event (webinar, challenge etc) : Outline a launch event that communicates your offer’s value, addresses objections, and moves your audience into action. 

Module Eight (Date August 16): Activate Launch and Boost sales:  I'll teach you how to leverage the power for sales psychology and conversion techniques to artfully build trust, overcome objections and convert your hot leads into clients and students for your course or program. Plus overcome the most common launch and sales mistakes to avoid to ensure you increase your momentum and stay on track to reach your goals. 

Module Nine (Date August 22): Automate Your Sales & Optimize: I'll teach you how to do a post launch review that will allow you to use the most potent data that will help you build a profitable sales funnel that gets you paid daily with your online course. This is one the best ways to design an evergreen funnel that continues to convert for your offer. You'll also learn the top strategies to driving traffic to your funnel for maximum conversion.


Pssst, the benefits of a live curriculum is that you get to take action and walk away with next steps right away. It's a win win. 

Count me IN!


  • 9 Live training Modules (starting July 11th- August 8th 2023. See calendar above) 
  •  Weekly Group Strategy Sessions and Hot seat Coaching (over 12 weeks) 
  • 24 Hour Support via Private Group
  • Lifetime Access to the Program Content
  • Plug-and-play launch marketing material swipe files
  • Personalized feedback for all of your marketing content
  • 4 Copy Clinic Sessions To get support with your launch copy
  • Plus over $8600 worth of bonuses (see below)
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 Working with Fabiola I was able to get clarity and prioritize my business. She taught me how to put systems in place in order for me to have more freedom.

As a result, my book funnel brings in daily sales. I have a waitlist of amazing women excited to work with me for my program. I book clients effortlessly for my program because I have a system in place. I just want to say thank you. You have made a very positive difference in my way to see my business

-Marcela Lasprilla

Relationship Coach + Confidence Expert

(VIP Client)


OMG I made $60k in 6 days without a webinar, video series or a bunch of live streams and emails. This was the easiest and best launch ever! And my business is now on track to making $40k months consistently with my evergreen funnel. 

Working with Fabiola I've also stepped up as a CEO and set up the proper systems to scale my business with ease. 

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals Fabiola."

Stephanie Obi

Business Coach + Founder of Course Launch Delivered

(VIP Client)


I’m so glad I joined Fabiola’s program, Scale like a boss really help me map out the direction I was going in and conquer my fear by putting together a program and knowing its worth. I love how genuine Fabiola is and she was always available to answer any questions I had and showed great amounts of knowledge and patience.  As a result of being a part of this coaching experience I have increased brand awareness, made more money, and gain more clients. I would definitely recommend working with Fabiola, the program was very helpful. If you’re considering working with Fabiola I would say Go for it! I’m absolutely satisfied with our work together. 

-Tiffany Marie

The Break Up Coach

(SLB Client)

Your LIFETIME membership in Launch N Slay also gives you access to these exclusive bonuses 


The 48-hour sales page writing guide

This easy to use sales page guide helps you write your high-converting sales page in 48 hours or less. I'm helping you take the guesswork out of write your sales page copy with this easy to use guide. 

Leverage the power of Chat GPT (AI) to write powerful copy, content and more (live masterclass) 

Leverage the power of AI to create your content, funnels, copy and more. I'm going to show you how to use Chat GPT to cut down on the time it takes to create your content, so you can stop looking at the blank Google doc and start implementing.

Facebook + Instagram Ads That Converts

Learn a simple process to creating ads that attracts quality leads to your world and offers. 

Lucrative List Builder

Teaching you the exact Blueprint that grew my email list to 10k active subscribers in less than 6 months. This training is designed to help you grow your email list quickly with people who are interested in buying from you. If you want to build a solid list of dream clients and students and say goodbye to tire kickers this bonus is for you. Plus you'll get resources to consistently send emails that people love to read. 

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“I hit my goal of $5k on my first soft launch with minimal promotion. I am excited for my next launch with my goal of hitting 20k. I was also able to launch my first Holiday sale for my digital services on Black Friday generating a huge increase in my sales.

Launch N Slay has been one of the best experiences of my life. The support that you provided really helped me to get through my launch. I was completely burnt out when I first started working with you and I was not utilizing my own assets such as my email list. I have been able to take back my time allowing me to focus on other areas of my business that I did not have time for before.”

Tackese K.

(LNS Client)


Yassss everyone needs this ish! Since my VIP day a few weeks ago, my launch (second ever) Closed out at 44 Sales which is $70,250.

You could have launched a million times, but Fabiola will frame it in a way that is specifically custom to YOUR genius and YOUR offer. She will help you get out of your head and into the buzz of a launch. 

It was the biggest investment I've ever made in my business, but I know the value it provides, so it wasn't too much of a hesitation.

It was SO much more support than I even imagined. Thank you, Fabiola, for going above and beyond as the best launch coach known to womankind.

Lucinda Burgess-Farwell

Founder of Eileva Tide Studio + Creator of CVAB

(VIP Client)

Skip the years of trial and error and master the art of getting paid daily with an online course or group program. 

Let’s Build and Launch Your Six-figure Asset + Transform your Business and Income.

The total value of this program is over $30,000 but you get it all for $3,000 or 6 monthly payments of $555.

$3,000 now to be able to implement a course that is getting you paid daily. 


Let's Unlock Your Path to Passive Revenue Now 👇🏾

Pay In Full $3000

One Easy Payment



Payment plan $6 pay of $555

6 Easy Monthly Payments




Hi, I’m Fabiola Giordani, I’m a corporate dropout turned business coach and launch strategist.

After 8 months of running my coaching business full-time, I quickly realized that 1:1 coaching as much as I loved it wasn’t going to be the best way to grow and scale my business.

As a wife and mom I realized that as much as I loved my business and clients, I essentially didn’t really have the freedom and flexibility I craved when I worked in corporate. If I was sick, or couldn’t show up my business would not make any money.

I knew it had to change.

So I launched my program and after a few failed attempts I had my first $21k launch in 5 weeks. I got resourceful, I never gave up and I learned from every single result (good or not so great).

I learned how to create an ecosystem that allowed me to get paid daily with courses and programs. And I was able to take my business from $120k to earning $500k in sales within 18 months. I’ve built a sustainable business that has continued to grow, whether I am traveling or have to take a month off to enjoy summers with my kids and family.

I want the same for you. I've coached 100s of women to help them replace their 1:1 work with a six-figure course or program so they can gain their time and freedom again. Our clients have collectively earned $5.9 million dollars in course and program sales over the last 4 years, so I know that I can help you grow your business in a better way. 

Join me inside of LNS and I'll share my proven strategies with you that makes building a course business, fun, sustainable, simple, and profitable, so you can create the freedom, and the spaciousness that you desire in your business. 


You already have a course but want to improve and scale it

You've been dreaming about finally taking your 1:1 experience and knowledge and turning it into a course. 

You want a better way to work with more flexibility

 You want to reach more people with your course or program in a much bigger way

You're a badass in your field  aka you know your niche but need the online course part figured out

You're a self-led entrepreneur who appreciates to the point guidance and clear strategy.

You don't have time to waste. You don't want the process to take forever. You want your course up and running as soon as possible.

You want a place for clear, no-fluff strategy and a custom roadmap to hit your goals

You're 100% ready to go all in with launch and scaling your program to earn revenue year round.



You're after a get-rich-quick scheme and have heard courses are where it's at

You’re in the earlier stages of entrepreneurship, you’re still trying to figure out your business and have never helped anyone get a transformation yet.

You're not ready to dive into the data and get help that inform your next best moves in business

You just want to outsource everything rather than learn & control the process

You want to create bunch of $27 courses and not a signature program that you can scale. 



Don’t let another 6 months go by before you create the revenue you want, experience the ease and flexibility you’ve been craving and work with your dream students and clients.

If you’ve made it this far… I know you feel like you are meant to have a profitable and fulfilling business with an online course that allows you to earn money daily.

While it may seem out of reach or even impossible right now, I know exactly how to take you there.

You’ve spent too much time waiting, wondering, and “trying to figure it out” on your own.

It’s time for you to show up to your next launch with total confidence and reach your goals.

This is your moment to say YES and trust that you're CALLED for more.




As a Result, I've Attracted More of My Ideal Audience to My Programs, Added More Value to My Courses and Increased the Cost of My Signature Coaching Program. As a Result, My Signature Program Launch Almost Sold Out the First Day.

Coach Robin M. Ware

Business coach

(VIP Client)


Working with Fabiola in her Coaching Program was amazing. She will force you to get real with your stuff. I can admit when we first started I had major resistance in my business because I wasn't clear on offers. Fabiola got me to get honest about what worked and what didn't for me.  She made my business fun for me again, because traditional marketing wasn't vibing for me. After this shift I was able to have two successful launches with Fabiola’s help. My first premium program sold out with Fabiola’s help. If you want to get clear, if you want someone that will hold you accountable plus actually give a damn about your success,  Fabiola is your lady.

Ty Johnson-Anderson

Energy Healer & Manifestation Goddess and founder of the Rebel Goddess Society

(VIP Client)


 We met a lot of our revenue goals despite the pandemic. During my course launch she was incredible and help me focus on exactly what I needed to do to get results. She always had a fresh perspective that has helped so much.  If you are looking for support and coaching then say yes and work with Fabiola.

Yagazie Eguare

Photographer and Owner of Gazmadu Studios and Creator the Profitable Photography Business Program

(VIP Client)


Create it Once, Profit From it Forever

Imagine the Incredible Impact a Course or Program Could Have on Your Business and Picture the Substantial Boost in Revenue This Year. 

Let's Find Out How an Online Course or Program can Impact Your Business This year. 
Signature Course Calculator

Signature Course Calculator

Your estimated revenue:

I'm READY. Let's Go!



Did I mention that my clients have collectively earned $5.9 Million dollars (and counting) in revenue for their course and programs.


Don't Wait. Start Launch N Slay Today.





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